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Membrane Switches, Keypads, Plastics & Rubbers

A button should have the right balance, travel, feel, texture, look, contour and backlighting. But it also means innovating. Finding the weak spots in the current technology. Asking where it’s most likely to malfunction, wear out, incur cost? Where can we reduce parts or rethink the whole interface completely?

  • From customized silicone keypads to state of the art solutions and unique technolgies like Polyform keypads.
  • Abatek's Rubber Line offers a wide range of rubber products: grommets, seals, gaskets, plungers, custom molded components, (with or without adhesives), and silicone extruded parts for automotive & other industries.
  • Abatek offers a wide range of cost effective assembly services.  Transforming keypads and components to ready to install drop-in HMI modules.
  • Plastic injection molding to finished custom products like key fobs.

Abatek is a Swiss held manufacturing company with offices in the United States in Duluth, GA.

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